3 Essential RV Tips for Dealing with Bad Weather

As you head into late spring and early summer camping trips, keep an eye on the forecast! Oftentimes changing seasons bring erratic weather, and by expecting the unexpected, you can make sure to have a fantastic vacation in your new or used RV – even on a rainy day. Check out some of our RV tips below for staying safe, dry, and happy even during bad weather.

RV Tips

Plan and Pack for Rainy Days

If you’re part of our Idaho family of customers, you know that rainy days are just part of life. Even if there’s no rain in the forecast, you still need to pack rain gear (jackets, ponchos, and umbrellas) with your camping gear. Make sure to pack several extra pairs of socks and a few extra full changes of clothing, too. If you get caught in a downpour, there’s truly nothing more cozy than having something warm and dry to change into the second you’re back to the RV.

RV Tips

Make a Contingency Plan

Many people who enjoy the RV lifestyle do so because they love exploring the great outdoors. And we understand that! However, based on your traveling crew, figure out what a backup plan looks like if inclement weather is postponing your plans. Maybe it’s just a day to stay inside the RV, read a book, or watch a favorite movie. If the kids will be restless, though, consider looking up local indoor attractions like an aquarium, climbing gym, or jump park. Scout out local options when you book your campground reservation so you already have some ideas in your back pocket.

RV Tips

Keep Calm and Be Prepared  

If the weather turns unexpectedly severe, you need to have a safety plan in place. First on the list is staying calm and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for your family members – even if you or they feel anxious.

RV Tips

One thing you definitely to have on hand is an emergency kit box in your new or used RV. Our emergency kit that we take with us on camping trips is a 17-qt storage tub. It needs to include an NOAA weather radio, first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, a multitool, and extra ponchos.

RV Tips

Also, we can help you outfit your RV with off-grid packages that keep you running and the power on even when there’s an outage. And check with your campground about their recommended storm shelter in the even of an emergency. Choose your campsite relatively nearby if you can, just in case you need to relocate.

We’d love to help you pick out the right new or used RV that has the features you need to camp comfortably in any climate or rough weather. Contact us today!

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