Camping Destination: Check Out Carlsbad Caverns National Park!

Have you ever been to Carlsbad Caverns National Park? If not, put this gorgeous camping destination on your calendar! It will be an unforgettable experience for your entire family – and no doubt one of your favorite trips this year in your new or used RV.

Camping Destination

About the Park

You are in for a treat! Carlsbad Caverns gives you scenic landscapes above ground and incredible caving experiences below. In fact, Will Rogers referred to Carlsbad Caverns as “the Grand Canyon with a roof over it” – and we think you’ll agree! The National Park Service website offers the following description:

High ancient sea ledges, deep rocky canyons, flowering cactus, and desert wildlife—treasures above the ground in the Chihuahuan Desert. Hidden beneath the surface are more than 119 caves—formed when sulfuric acid dissolved limestone leaving behind caverns of all sizes.

If you decide to head below the surface, you can enjoy ranger-guided tours or explore them on your own. Many families enjoy ranger-guided tours for the peace of mind as well as the learning opportunity and the ability to ask questions about what you’re seeing. Get more information on advance registration for ranger-guided tours here.

Camping Destination

You’ll love the ‘Big Room’ cave chamber. It’s the largest by volume on the continent! And it’s family-friendly, too, as it’s a pretty flat trail. It’s easy enough to explore, but it’s big enough that you’ll want to take your time and could take about 2 hours to complete. If you have younger kids and need something a bit shorter, there’s also a marked shortcut in the Big Room – and it cuts the trail distance in half.

There are also plenty of above-ground hiking trails for those who don’t like the idea of being in a closed space. The Chihuahuan Desert and Guadalupe Mountains give you gorgeous landscapes and beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. Take a look at your above-ground hiking options at Carlsbad Canyons National Park here and here.

Camping Destination

Camping at Carlsbad Caverns

There are loads of campgrounds near Carlsbad Caverns National Park that are RV-friendly! Some are within a 10-minute drive of the park. While there is no specific campground in the park, the NPS website does offer options and suggestions on where to stay. Learn more here.

The southwest is full of iconic scenery and unforgettable landscapes. Start planning your perfect vacation today! Contact us with any questions about getting your RV ready for the road.

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